Mr. Juan Torrents

Globalisation has been rallying the world into unprecedented levels of sharing and interdependancy that shape it towards the vision of one community.Global Resources has been among the strong agents in showing international players the way towards globalization via the UAE market and vice versa.

Over the recents years, the World Federation of Freezones has been in support of Global Resources’ activities and services aimed to bring in investments into the United Arab Emirates. While Dubai is admired the world over for its free trade policies and warm reception of investors,bringing together the UAE free zones which are growing both in number and scope for a cohesive promotion in the international market is another task in itself.

This task is what Global Resources has successfully undertaken through its core competiencies.The World Federation of Free Zones patronizies Global Resources and looks forward to continuing together in service of the UAE and the world as a whole. 

Mr. Juan Torrents,

President, World Federation of Free Zones 
Geneva -Switzerland